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The importance of branding in recruitment

John Glendinning shares his advice

Your team of employees is arguably the most valuable asset in club management.

It’s not always easy to attract and keep hold of high-quality staff, however.

John Glendinning, previously Chief Executive at The Wisley and now Chief Operating Officer at Marine Drive Golf Club in Canada, believes branding is an essential piece of the puzzle.

“Recruitment has been tough in hospitality in the last few years and will be going forward,” he says.

“My top tip is to get your brand right and showcase what your brand is. So make sure than when people are looking at adverts, they immediately understand the club, the job role and the culture, which is really important for staff.

“You need to give a sense of belonging, because to work at a club you’ve got to have passion.

“The way your brand comes across in those adverts is crucial.

“And it’s not just in the adverts where that branding is important. Potential employees are going to Google your club, check out your social media accounts and see what kind of reviews have been left.”

Aside from branding, John also advises to make sure the benefits package on offer is attractive.

“Ensure that you benchmark where your benefits are among your competitors,” he continues.

“And also understand that people might not just be looking at hospitality roles, they could be looking at other industries. So look at how your benefits stack up against other areas of work and make sure they are attractive enough that people want to come and work in hospitality.

“I can see this being even more important going forwards.”
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