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How to improve staff retention

Roehampton Club CEO Marc Newey gives his tips

Retaining employees has been one of the biggest challenges in club management in recent years, exacerbated by Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even the prestigious multi-sport Roehampton Club in south-west London went through a stage of low staff retention.

The club’s CEO, Marc Newey, explains how he maintains employee loyalty.

“Retaining staff revolves around our status as an Investors in People Gold employer,” he says.

“We’re known for our reward and recognition techniques. We concentrate on inspiring the staff to want to stay. Ideally we want them to stay for two to five years.

“To do that, they need to know their role and be clear about the aims of the organisation, and they need to feel valued.”

So, if reward and recognition are the key words, how are they applied?

“On the spot rewards at times,” Marc says. “Or rewards after half-year reviews or annual appraisals.

“But it’s more about the thank you. It’s more about knowing they’re doing a great job within their team, and how that transcends to the whole club doing well.

“If the whole club does well, everyone does well, and everyone has pride in that performance.”

Having low staff turnover can have a very positive effect on a club.

“Members really want to see the same faces giving them the same service most of the time,” continues Marc. “Whether that’s the coffee, the golf marshall or the tennis professional.

“They want to see the same happy, smiling faces each time. So if you can achieve that, you’ve got a happy club.”
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