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2024 Club Management Trends - According to AI

We asked ChatGPT to predict key themes for this year

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to transform the way we live and work was one of the biggest talking points of last year.

Its rise has prompted us to ask how well AI knows UK club management, so we asked the well-known platform ChatGPT to predict the key trends for the industry in 2024.

Here’s what it came up with…

1. Hyper-personalisation through technology
ChatGPT predicts that “technology will continue to redefine member experience through AI-driven recommendations, intuitive mobile apps and seamless digital interactions”.

Its advice: “Invest in advanced technology solutions that enhance member engagement. Tailor communication, events and services based on individual preferences, creating a personalised and memorable club experience.”

2. Advanced sustainability practices
It predicts that “sustainability will evolve from a trend to an industry standard”. “Clubs that prioritise eco-friendly operations, from energy-efficient facilities to sustainable sourcing, will be favoured by environmentally conscious members,” it says.

“Implement comprehensive sustainability initiatives,” it advises, “and communicate these efforts transparently through social media and other channels. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility will not only attract members but also enhance the club’s reputation.”

3. Community-centric programming
ChatGPT believes that “the demand for community-centric experiences will rise” and that “clubs actively engaging with their local communities, organising events and supporting local causes will foster a sense of belonging along members”.

Clubs wishing to embrace community-centric practices should “plan and promote events that strengthen community ties, such as collaborating with local businesses, sponsoring community initiatives and creating a welcoming space that extends beyond the club’s physical boundaries”.

4. Strategic talent management
ChatGPT believes “the focus on talent management will intensify in 2024, with clubs prioritising staff training, diversity and employee well-being to ensure a motivated and skilled workforce".

it advises to “invest in ongoing training programmes, promote diversity within your staff and prioritise employee wellbeing. A satisfied and skilled workforce contributes significantly to the overall success and positive image of the club”.


While generative AI is not designed to analyse the future and predict events, it analyses data, trends and existing information published across the internet to form its understanding.

Do these trends tie in with what you are noticing in your club? Or is AI still some way off the mark? Let us know what you think.
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